Sometimes Chickens Gotta Get Choked

People should watch the tone they take with me. I did grow up in some not so nice places and saw some not so nice things. Yet it’s not really true. Yes, I lived in tough places, but I was an observationist and never fully accepted or participated in the street lifestyle. So, after Captains Mast when we were found guilty and given thirty days of base restriction was a tad scared.

A Brand-New Day

“Pimping is an art, Whoreson. There are very few pimps in this world who can really take the title of being a pimp. Just because a man gets his money from a whore, that don’t make him no true pimp. Real pimps are really rare.”

-Donald Goines, Whoreson

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Ms. Williamson’s home was small but clean. She had a formal living room with light carpeting and furniture. We walked past the living room, down a hallway and into the kitchen. As the adults spoke, I soaked in my new surroundings. The house felt like home, it reminded me of my Grams’ house back in…

Asian Girl Lost…

I hated Linda’s boyfriend! I don’t like to use that word often, but I disliked him from the first time we met. It was just something about him that I did not like. He was so over the top player pimpish that I could not stand to say more than a few words to him. I would always find someplace to go whenever he came to see her.


The foster care system in this country is a necessary evil. Me and my siblings are blessed, we eventually were reunited and over time our mother regained custody and jumped through the hoops needed get us out of the system. Not all children are as fortunate. There are children who stay in the system until…

Life Was Good! Well Good-ish

I am a beyond hopeless romantic! What will surprise most is that I am shy, awkward, and usually terrified during the early stages of courtship. This was why I didn’t like dating. It made me feel weak, vulnerable, and a little silly. All the emotions and the fact that it is impossible to ever really…

Going, Going Back, Back to Cali, Cali!

This post marks the halfway point of my goal for the year. Number twenty-six of fifty-two posts I planned for this year! This may seem like a small feat to you but to me its monumental. This time last year I could barely eek out a single page, double spaced, with sixteen-point font!! I was…

Trash Bags

One night before bed, Ms. Brown came into the girls room with a large black trash bag. We looked around to see who was leaving. You have to understand, being a foster kid at Ms. Brown’s isn’t perfect, but it’s almost as close you can find in Chicago. The hope is to stay here until it’s time to go home.

Don’t Know Body Want Cho Ass!

I didn’t know how to date. Honestly, I am not that good at it even now. I just wanted to meet the ONE and be together. #Neo on a side tangent. It’s silly but every time I hear the phrase “the one” I think of Neo from the matrix! Back to my point though, I didn’t want the process of dating this guy or the next guy. Didn’t want to spend time trying to figure out who they were and getting past their representative.