I think I figured it out!! The answer is ALIENS! I know that you are thinking to yourself, “If Aliens are the answer then what the hell is the question?” What could possibly get all humans to rewrite our story and unite all humanity, is the question at hand. The answer is aliens! No not nice benevolent aliens that want to share knowledge and technology with us backward but promising humans in an effort to foster intergalactic relations and advancement. No, I’m talking about big bad ass destroy the world and all the humans on it, kind of aliens! I know it sounds crazy but just hear me out.

We Must Choose a Head? Must We Though?

I have no desire to promote division but instead, honestly want to have an open dialog that serves to foster understanding and growth. There has been enough finger-pointing in our community it is time to figure this mess out and help one another heal from the traumas inflicted from inside our own community as well as outside. I know negativity and division are exciting and will always be more entertaining but isn’t it time for us as a people to be more than merely entertained or entertainment?  Please keep that in mind and read fully what I write, take some time alone to think it over, and then let’s begin a thoughtful conversation and not an argument.