Are You Brave Enough to be the Light?

I will be honest, I woke up the morning of Inauguration Day, excited but apprehensive of what can happen. I approached the day prepared, I scheduled off after the events of January 6. I wanted to be optimistic and hope that Trump will muster up some dignity. So as I write my essay of the emotional roller coaster of the day, I’m suppose to say… Trump left office this morning and blah blah blah… But instead what I really want to say, “as that punk ass bitch left the White House, I imagined the Black community doing a collective Swag”.

Fortunately, Trump only got to occupy a little of today’s festivities. He boarded Marine One, flew a few miles to JAB where a small crowd of supporters cheered him on and he walked off to Village People’s YMCA.

With that, he was gone and in a few hours later a new President was sworn in. The rest of the day was filled with tradition and pageantry. It was like someone decided that the world needed to see what American being great really looked like. It wasn’t about nationalism, but embracing diversity, being reminded of our history and creating new opportunity of greatness, like today, two women are next in line for the presidency for the first time in American history.

Emotionally, my day started with me consuming meme after meme of Trump reign being over, but when Harris was sworn in, I couldn’t help but be moved to tears. Knowing this woman wasn’t just for looks, Harris has done the work. She has earned that spot and I have no doubts that she will be a great Vice President. While listening to the radio this morning, someone mentioned that Harris might give Black woman permission to show up mask free in all places, not just at home and small circles.

Biden was sworn in and it was official official, but then a little skinny black 23 year old woman walked up to the podium with a yellow coat and crotchet twist and delivered a moving poem that was right on time.   

Where can we find light in this never ending shade…  Quiet isn’t always peace…  Being American is more then a pride we inherit, it’s the past we step into and how we repair it…  If emerge mercy, with might with right then love becomes our legacy…

There is always light if we are brave enough to see it, if only we are brave enough to be it. 

Amanda Gordman provided the pallet cleanse we needed to get the nasty taste of 45 from our mouths. We were ready to move forward and start rebuilding the country. Take the boards down from broken windows and install fresh visible glass. It took this blogger who started the day, embracing the glee of watching 45 leave DC to one who was ready to celebrate and answer the call what I need to help my community to move forward. See… It can be a new day.

Published by Charmy

I am a wife, mother of three, caseworker, graduate student, PTO President and oh yeah I have a social life AND I am on my weight lost journey. Many of my friends are amazed that I am able to provide a home cook meal at least 6 nights a week. Over the years I have developed my expertise and want to share them with people and hopefully get feedback on how I can improve.

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