Welcome To Dope Conversations Podcast

Yo! We went and started a new podcast called Dope Conversations. Each podcast we will take a deep dive in one of posts from that week.

We are new at this medium so we would greatly appreciate your patience while we navigate our way through editing and using our voices over our pens.

This week we covered current events. We added our 2 cents on the events that took place on January 6th at The Capitol. Charlie then expanded on some of her tips she wrote about in her post Starting The New Year with a Legacy Wealth Building Budget. We also introduce ourselves and end the podcast with our goals for the following week.

Come back each we and participate in our unique conversations. If you happen to like and subscribe in the process, that would be even better.

So without further ado…. Our very first Dope Conversation

Published by Charmy

I am a wife, mother of three, caseworker, graduate student, PTO President and oh yeah I have a social life AND I am on my weight lost journey. Many of my friends are amazed that I am able to provide a home cook meal at least 6 nights a week. Over the years I have developed my expertise and want to share them with people and hopefully get feedback on how I can improve.

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