Building a Legacy Wealth Portfolio: Real Estate Debt Funds

This week I will discuss the third leg of my legacy wealth portfolio – real estate debt investing.  A real estate debt fund is a common resort for experienced real estate developers and investors. It gives them access to short-term capital for real estate projects.  As a commercial real estate investor, I invest in commercialContinue reading “Building a Legacy Wealth Portfolio: Real Estate Debt Funds”

Building a Legacy Wealth Portfolio: Vacation Rentals

You can have a portfolio that enables long term wealth creation with opportunities that you can leverage, make money on, and enjoy now by investing in vacation rentals.

Building a Legacy Wealth Portfolio: Index Funds

You do not have to try to pick the winners in the stock market to achieve steady long-term growth. A proven strategy is to invest in the market itself. ndex funds enable passive investing, broad diversification, low costs, and provide attractive returns. Historically, index funds outperform other types of funds that are actively managed by top investment firms.

It’s Bigger than Self: Financial Stewardship

Having a legacy wealth budget is not just about wealth accumulation, it’s about embracing our ultimate purpose of being a good steward with everything you have been blessed with. As a good steward of your resources, you understand that you are to make every effort to grow whatever you are given.

Welcome To Dope Conversations Podcast

This week we covered current events. We added our 2 cents on the events that took place on January 6th at The Capitol. Charlie then expanded on some of her tips she wrote about in her post Starting The New Year with a Legacy Wealth Building Budget. We also introduce ourselves and end the podcast with our goals for the following week.

Starting The New Year with a Legacy Wealth Building Budget

Start the new year off by putting a plan in place that will change the financial outcomes for you, your children, and your children’s children. The most important aspect to getting that plan in motion is to have a legacy wealth building budget!