Being a Parent in the Digital Age

Raise your hand if you have children born in two different decades. Raise your hand if you are struggling with parenting in areas you thought you mastered with older children. Raise your hand if you are reading this wondering where did you go wrong as a parent. Lastly if you are reading this and youContinue reading “Being a Parent in the Digital Age”

So, What’s The Plan?

I intend to seriously dig deep and attempt to reveal the soft and vulnerable underbelly of hate. I will do so incorporating a wide variety of fields, disciplines, music, movies, books, and even anime. I want to explore hate on a personal and intimate level. I don’t want it to continue being overlooked and for language to dance around it, denial of hate and ignoring its complexities is, in my opinion, a social catastrophe waiting to happen. To do this effectively I need a plan. The plan is not written in stone, but one does need to move through tough topic with some sort of logic.